Weekend Edition – A 1993 Ford Thunderbird EasyRod on Craigslist…

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Ahhhh, the EasyRod. This is a company that provides Fibreglass components that will turn your 1989 to 1997 Ford Thunderbird or Mercury Cougar into a facsimile of a 1949 to 1951 Ford coupe. My question is how many of these Faux 49 to 51 Fords can they ever hope to sell, and are they really all that convincing? At least one seller hopes you will find his desirable enough to buy it…

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This particular EasyRod was once a 1993 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe, you know with the Supercharged V-6, and a 5-speed manual… Sort of an Obscure Muscle Car (that I haven’t written about yet). Well the owner decided to install an EasyRod kit over one of the more desirable 90’s Thunderbirds, and now wants to sell it. According to the listing:

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1993 Ford Thunderbird SC (Super Charged) with an EasyRod fiberglass kit. Included on the car:
*3.8 Liter V-6 Engine
*5 speed manual transmission
*Eaton supercharger
*1951 Mercury front and rear clip
*1954 Pontiac grill
*1952 Buick tail lights
*handmade DeSoto bumpers
*white pearl paint, blue ghost flames
*original cloth interior
*aftermarket stereo with CD changer in the trunk
*104,000~ miles
*automatic seatbelts
*recently smogged and tags are current

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I’m just a bit bewildered by this thing because I really want to hate it, but I can’t. I don’t love it either because some elements strike me as odd, like the chrome five-spoke rims. With over 100,000 miles on the odometer, the asking price is a little wak, at $6,500. See the listing here, or if the ad disappears, click here.

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Hat Tip to Ken (Froggmann) who posted this to our Facebook Page.

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