Weekend Edition – A 1966 Ford Mustang 4-Door Limousine on eBay; Yes, a Mustang Limo…

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Continuing on with the very weird weekend of unusual postings, and look at our next contestant… This is a 1966 Ford Mustang that has been turned into a Stretch Limousine. I’m sorry, but I am not holding back on my opinion on this thing… It’s awful. There are flaws all over the car, it is not very well presented, it has not received a proper cleaning before the pictures were taken, and are those Explorer Rims?

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This really sounded like a better idea that didn’t quite make the proper transformation. Let’s start with the sellers description of this thing…

Well here’s something that you don’t see every day- a perfectly stock 1966 Ford Mustang that has been extended into a beautiful one-of-a-kind four door custom limousine! This gorgeous creation is powered by a 289ci V-8 engine under the hood with a C4 automatic transmission and it drives surprisingly well for a converted vehicle. It also has cold A/C, power windows and everything else you’d need to impress clients so this baby is ready to roll tonight!

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You’ll be thoroughly impressed once seeing this 1966 Ford Mustang limousine because it was built to a very high standard. In fact, it is essentially a stock ’66 everywhere except for the rear seating and the suspension; everything else has been kept as close to original as possible to make this unique ride truly appealing. It has a very classic look and this limo is exceptionally clean both inside and out with only minor wear present.

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This 1966 Ford Mustang four door custom limousine is simply incredible and it would make the ultimate statement as a corporate vehicle for clients or as a business opportunity for a limo service. You’ll never see another one like it so this is an excellent way to make lasting impressions with your clients.

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So, what the dealer said was somewhat true… it is a one-of-a-kind vehicle, make no bones about that. As far as it being clean… well, the car really needs a good vacuum cleaner, because the carpets on the driver side are filthy (take a look at the listing for yourself), and the rear compartment is only a little better. Being clean means that the trunk is also detailed, and it is not, by a long shot… and for the asking price, there should be a matching wheel for the spare.

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Under the hood looks tidy, and will you look at that SanDen A/C Compressor… It looks like it is capable of cooling a bus. But it is the detailing on the rest of the car that is puzzling, like the Grant Steering Wheel (Wouldn’t a stock Mustang Wheel look so much better?), the tacky stickers all over the dash, the filler panels used to disguise the vent windows on the rear doors, the mismatched upholstery used on the front seats and the rest of the car. The tires on the car are mismatched as well, with Dunlops on the rear, and Goodrich Tires on the front. But the worst offense is the exhaust tips, which have seen better days, and should be replaced.

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With a little over 10 hours to go until the auction ends (as of this writing), the top bid so far is $9,438, without meeting the reserve. The Buy-It-Now price is an astonishing $39,990!!! Are you freaking kidding me… Almost $40,000 for this stretched Mustang with all of these flaws? I think I’ll have another Stroke, thank you very much… In the meantime, take a look at the listing here: [sc:ebay itemid=”131134094770″ linktext=”1966 Ford Mustang Limousine ” ]

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