Weekend Decision Time 2 – A '73 Ford Wagon, or a '64 Chrysler Newport for $2K or so…

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So, you are a West Coast Hipster with a great career path somewhere encompassing advanced technology but you also embrace the things from the past. You may have the latest electronic devices on you and in your home, but you would rather be driving a 40 year old vehicle (or older), mostly because you admire how things were once made. Our own co-founder is the very essence of this trend, possessing advanced degrees, working in the latest tech field, yet drives very old cars. If you want to be like Tim, and happen to live near Seattle or The Bay Area of California, here are two vehicles that are right up your alley. It’s time to get your Hipster On…

Fullscreen capture 4132014 121143 PM.bmp

Let’s start out in the land of Microsoft and Starbucks, and take a look at this very hip 1973 Ford Country Sedan Wagon. While the seller states that this is a Country Squire, we all know only the Squires Sport Wood… According to the listing:

Fullscreen capture 4132014 121148 PM.bmp

Here she is a true old school Brady Bunch Ride.
She’s in great shape.
Never been in an accident.
Totally straight body.
All original.
Engine is a huge 429.
New tires.
Full thank of gas.
AM radio.
AC still works!
The drivers seat is a little rough but otherwise Interior is in good condition.
I have the original owners manual and window sticker.
The gas gauge is not working.
I just can’t take care of her.
Sounds silly but hoping she gets a good home where she gets the love she deserves.

Fullscreen capture 4132014 121158 PM.bmp

According to the listing, it will take $2,000 to own her, which is reasonable for the amount of steel you get with this thing. Imagine showing up for work in this thing at the Microsoft Campus… See the listing here, and tell me what you think.

1964 Chrysler Newport - Google Chrome 4132014 121221 PM.bmp

Now it’s time to go down to “O-Town” by the bay, and discover this original 1964 Chrysler Newport Sedan. It sports the right amount of patina, and you know there is little to no rust to be found. According to the listing:

1964 Chrysler Newport - Google Chrome 4132014 121238 PM.bmp

One family owned 123k miles…the ultimate hipster mobile. No texts or offers without seeing the car first please. Needs some minor sorting to be used everyday. Tires, tune up belts, hoses…

has a new battery, brakes and fuel tank was boiled out.

1964 Chrysler Newport - Google Chrome 4132014 121344 PM.bmp

Asking price for this Hipster on Wheels is $2,750, and I bet they would take less. This would be cool cruising in Alameda, or parked by the Wharf. Take a look at the listing and tell me what you really think…

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