We Should All Be So Lucky

See the woman in the middle of the picture up there? That’s Tina Mason of Fort Hood Texas. And that’s her husband, Terry’s, VW Scirocco that she secretly had restored for him while he was on rotation in Iraq. Now, not only is Terry a rockin’ patriot for serving his country as a Sergeant 1st class in the army, but he’s also a solid- living by the motto: Always do what’s right, not just when people are looking.
As Terry had given so much of himself, Tina thought he deserved a little bit back and when he told her to sell the car and use the money for charity, well that was one order she had to disobey. Instead, she raised part of the $10K cost of the restoration through bake sales and ponzi schemes asking nicely. Check out the story at KDHNews.com, it’ll melt the heart of even the cratchit-iest scrooge.
KDHNews via VWVortex Forums

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