We gather around to watch an E92 M3 chase a Volvo 850 wagon

[youtube width=”720″ height=”480″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-ouO8Ii74s[/youtube] Watching in-car videos is double-triple the fun when you share them with your car buddies. The Hooniversal HQ is no exception. I cued this clip of a Norwegian-registered, commendably quick Volvo 850 making it difficult for a BMW E92 M3 to keep up. It was a heated discussion… Bradley Brownell:  I haven’t shaved since January. [Ed. note: Wait, that was another talking point.] Greg Kachadurian:  I want an E92 M3… don’t tell me it got schooled by a Volvo 850. Bradley:  E9x BMW are trash. Greg:  fite me irl (edited) Antti Kautonen: I wonder if that bolbo has working a/c. Greg:  1v1 me Bradley:  I wil smash ur face n00b. Wen an ware?

Greg: Containers. Right nao

Antti: I feel bad for the labrador already.

Jeff Glucker: Wow the guy in the 991 was a douche or just not checking his mirrors.

Antti: He had a mirror full of volvo and couldn’t probably believe it.

Bradley: I’m going with both…

Jeff:  If you suck, but you know you suck, that’s ok. If you suck and you don’t realize it… you’re very dangerous.

Antti: Yeah, that’s why I keep out of the way every time i go for a ringlap. Haha, Norwegian plates on the volvo btw.

Jeff: M3 quick traction moment at Bergwerk.

Greg: A good driver makes a huge difference on that track. Trying to pull up a video now of an M3 ring taxi playing with a Cayman GT4 and an Aventador SV. They were all hauling ass but the fully loaded M3 was right there the whole time.

Jeff: Saw that one – good video. Plus the M3 driver is basically talking the whole time and you can hear the passengers working hard not to puke.

Greg: Yep. Thats probably the best ring taxi ride in history

Antti: The Volvo probably has a turbo screw turned up the wazoo.

Jeff: That McLaren is just straight up joyriding. It’s my goal in life to someday drift (successfully) through “YouTube corner”.

Antti: After Brunnchen?

Jeff: Yes, when there’s a crowd.

Antti: The bit where everyone ends on YouTube, yeah.

Jeff: Pretty damn good day for these two – not terrible amount of traffic.

Antti: So, who’ll do the honours of compiling that sh*t-talking post?

Greg: *waves to readers*

– – –

[Source: YouTube/Arne A. Eide/ Hooniversal Watercooler dedicated to the Patron Saint of Slacktivismus]

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