Watch this modded Nissan 350Z lose a race to a modded Mercedes-Benz E55… pulling a trailer

This video dates back to 2014, but I’ve only just seen it today thanks to a post over on Jalopnik. It’s a funny spot of entertainment to brighten your quarantined Friday afternoon. A Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG sedan takes on a Nissan 350Z on an empty stretch of Florida road. The backstory here is that the Z owner was talking a healthy amount of smack. He claimed to have previously “walked” a C63. And he felt he would have no issues taking down the E55.

That’s not how it all worked out though…

Not only did the Benz owner decide to entertain the drag race, but he also showed up with his own implied weight penalty. A trailer with a riding mower is hitched to the back of the Benz. It doesn’t matter though, because the E55 has no issues outrunning the 350Z. There are two runs, and the result is the same each time.

From a Benz forum where the MB owner posted;

Thanks guys lol I just have intakes and cutouts. Nothing too special lol
If anyone has an account on a nissan forum please post this video. Would be awesome to see this go viral lol This is the best race i’ve ever had in any car i’ve owned.
He said he walked a new c63 and said he could take me. I didn’t hear a lot of it since I don’t go to meets, but I was told by a few people so I had them set it up. The idiot gets out of his car wearing gloves, sandals and socks lol He comes up to me and says whats up with the mower. I told him “I wanted it to be a good race so its not a waste of gas.” Needless to say he was a little insulted, but he still raced me lol
First race he took off on the 2nd honk and then missed 3rd gear and I actually pulled on him a lot more up to that point. The second race which is what is posted was a hot lap and I live in florida where it was 93 degrees today. Doesn’t matter though, win by an inch or a mile. Winnings, winning lol

We assume the Z owner did not resume said shit-talking from earlier. We’d love to see evidence of the car taking down the C63 though…

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2 responses to “Watch this modded Nissan 350Z lose a race to a modded Mercedes-Benz E55… pulling a trailer”

  1. Troggy Avatar

    He has confidence in his tie-down job that’s for sure.

    1. nanoop Avatar

      When you got out of the wreck of your car, only to be smacked by your own mower…

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