This is a street-legal 2006 Ford GT. It’s been modified, but it’s still legal to drive on the road. And with some modifications to the engine, the M2K Motorsports-built car has just hit 300.4 miles per hour. This is a new standing mile record. And it’s amazing.

The record-breaking run occurred during the last day of the Texas Mile. Cars and bikes were ripping down the runway at the Victoria Regional Airport. An earlier run saw the car cross the mile mark with a trap speed of 299.2 mph. That’s wickedly close to the goal speed, but not enough for the team.

They set out to give it another go. In just a quarter of a mile, the car gets up to 174.5 mph. At the half-mile mark, this Ford GT is doing 240 mph. And by the time the car crosses the line, it’s broken past the magical 300 mph mark. For our kilometer-loving friends, the 300.4 mph translates to 483.44 kilometers per hour.

To get there, M2K have this Gulf-liveried Ford GT cranking out somewhere around 2,500 horsepower at the wheels. According to Motor1, that’s an estimate as the dyno the tuner uses can’t register the proper figures at the power level being delivered.

Congrats to M2K Motorsports for this impressive achievement. And props to to the driver for keeping their foot in it all the way through the course of this mighty mile.