Watch this Audi RS6 Avant run the ‘Ring and defy physics

I love the idea of the Audi RS6. Sure, it has a few tough angles but overall it’s everything I want out of a vehicle. A fast wagon is the grail machine for some of us. And the RS6 is just that. Plus it’s rare to find any wagon for sale on our shores. The fact that this one has 591 horsepower is just icing on a longroof cake. What’s it actually like to drive one fast though? In the video below, you can see for yourself.

A driver pushed the RS6 around the Nürburgring and showed how capable of a machine this wagon really is. It’s quick. There are a number of points in the lap where the Audi passes real-deal sports cars and leaves them in the Green Hell dust. But over the course of the lap, there’s one clear constant idea; the RS6 is working hard to defy physics. You hear those tires squealing in pain? They’re being worked to their limits. The RS6 is fitted with 21-inch wheels as standard and can be optioned up to have 22″ wheels. It also has adaptive suspension, rear-wheel steering, and can be fitted with carbon-ceramic brakes.

I’d love to see what an RS6 sounds like on a set of smaller wheels with tires wearing more sidewall. But that’s going to be tough since the optional front brake rotors are 17.3 inches in diameter. There’s not much room for smaller wheels. The RS6 actually needs these windmills at all four corners. And that’s a shame because maybe we could dial out a dash of the understeer, not just with properly timed and heavy-footed throttle applications, but with a proper setup.

Yes, I’m happy there are more fast wagons out there. However, this one goes against our policy of Save the Sidewalls.

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One response to “Watch this Audi RS6 Avant run the ‘Ring and defy physics”

  1. Zentropy Avatar

    Looks so well-engineered as to be almost boring. The driver’s skills, at least, don’t look particularly exceptional.