Watch the full Goodwood Festival of Speed Shootout

I wrote a piece for Jalopnik the other day covering why exactly you need to find a way to get your ass to Goodwood. It’s heaven on Earth for all of us who love the smell and noise of engines combusting, tires smoking, and the sights of the most diverse array of vehicles assembled in one place at a given time. Goodwood is glorious.
In the video above, you can watch the final shootout portion of the event, which pits the fastest machines against each other. All are competing for the best time in their respective class, but the fastest few are trying to get up Lord March’s driveway in the shortest amount of time.
The heroics of each driver are on full display. Be sure to catch the insane wheel-work with the Alfa Romeo 308C (around the 25:40 mark), the insane noise of the Ferrari 312 P Spyder (30:00), Mike Skinner’s batshit crazy blast in the NASCAR Toyota Tundra (40:36), the lighting quick blast of the McLaren P1 LM (47:35), and finally the winning run of the wickedly wild Gobstopper II Subaru Impreza (50:10).

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  1. JayP Avatar

    I needed this today.

  2. HuntRhymesWith Avatar

    That sure caught my attention for an hour.
    David Franklin’s run in the Ferrari 312 was unbelievable even before I heard that he’s in his 70s.

  3. fede Avatar

    Amazing cars! especially the prewar ones.
    Not every dirver seems to be equally commited to go for the time… I guess the price of the car has something to do with it (I’m thinking of the Ferrari 166)

    1. crank_case Avatar

      Some people do timed runs, some do not. It’s more about just seeing the cars than the competive element. Most of the drivers don’t own the cars either, so it might depend on whether they’ve been told to take it easy or just go for it.