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Watch Ammo NYC clean a disgusting barn find Bricklin

The first post on Hooniverse was an About Us type post. The second post was about the Bricklin SV-1. That was in October of 2009. Somehow, the comments for that post are still attached below it. Old Hooniverse ran pretty well at times, didn’t it? Yes, I realize the pictures in that post are no longer there… shh, I’m having a heartfelt moment. Okay, back to today and another Bricklin.

Our friend Larry Kosilla posted a video showing a full detail job on a colossally dirty machine. This 1974 Bricklin has sat in storage for 21 years. Larry found four mouse nests, a body covered in bird poop, and a smell that somehow oozes through your computer/device screen. But Larry being Larry… well, just watch because he’s a wizard and his videos are always excellent.

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2 responses to “Watch Ammo NYC clean a disgusting barn find Bricklin”

  1. OA5599 Avatar

    Garage Queen Bricklins are about the price of a used Camry, and ones needing work (which describes most of them) can be had for a mid-4 digit price tag.

    The Bricklin was in the “studio” for quite some time, and that garage extraction probably wasn’t cheap. I wonder if the cost of the detail job exceeded the value of the car. Don’t forget about tires, carpet, weatherstripping, anything needed under the hood, door actuators, etc., and an explanation for the paint overspray.

    1. Sjicklin Avatar

      Well, the AMMO company seems to be flush with money, and the owner sees this as a nostalgic project. Once you’re clear that you won’t come out on top financially, why not try something like this? There’s a lot of work remaining to get this one to drive, too.