Want a Lotus 11 Replica? Simplify, and Add Fiberglass!

Fancy a Lotus 11/Westfield XI lookalike (as shown above) but don’t have the payola to spring for the real or nearly real thing? Pop on over to eBay and pick up these molds of unknown provenance for the low low low price of $4000 and start crankin’ ’em out from the comfort of your own garage! Build it and they will come …?
eBay Motors

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  1. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

    Why fiberglass… GO CARBON FIBER!

    1. Han_Solex Avatar

      Man, that's a great idea. A carbon fiber 11 would be sweet!

  2. engineerd Avatar

    That would actually be kind of cool to have. Assuming the molds are decent quality you could make a few bucks off them. By a few I literally mean a few…like $3.

  3. P161911 Avatar

    Well, this led me to the Westfield website, which led me to the Manik Technologies website, which led me to THIS: http://www.manikllc.com/ The Napiersport Corse. A Lancia Stratos replica! It is designed to use the drivetrain of an Alfa 164 in the back of it. Might be easier to put a Saab 9000 Aero drivetrain in it here in the US. Something like this might be my retirement project in another 30 years or so.

    1. Tomsk Avatar

      OMG YES.

  4. Feds_II Avatar

    So for $4000, I am buying what, exactly? A kit car? No. A completed chassis? Negatory. A drivetrain? Nein!
    I am buying the parts that make the parts that cover the parts of the car. Assuming I am able to create these parts without developing one of approximately 153 cancers that are associated with fibreglass work, I then have to scratch build the parts that hold up the rest of the parts, find the parts that make the other parts go down the road, assemble those parts to the parts that hold up the other parts, then cover all of those parts with the parts that I made from the parts that I "just" (realistically, it is probably going to be 15 years from now) paid $4000 for.
    Talk about selling hopes and dreams! Though parts of me still want to bid on these parts making parts.

  5. Lacey Schlimmer Avatar

    Very informative post and I kind of agree with you (except on three points) on what you said. Keep the good work going. Your writing style is very good and I was able to understand the post clearly even though English is my second language. PS: I have already subscribed to the blog RSS feed.

  6. Juan Avatar

    I love the shape of the eleven, love the idea of the carbon fibre too. But i think i wouldn' t want to buy those if they don't come at least with the plans to make the tubular frame and the aluminum panelled subframe. Could always special order a carbon fiber body from a company that already makes the eleven along with the rest of the car. Ud need quite a bit of money though.

  7. Woodboatwayne Avatar

    I will sell you a state of the art chopper gun that has had had less than 10 drums of resin run through it. Body should be about spitfire
    dimensions, or maybe MG midget. If I had the scratch I would do it myself. Way less than a grand worth of glass would do it.

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