Want a Drop-Top Porsche 959 for $5600?

porsche 959 karmann ghia replica

When is a Porsche 959 not a Porsche 959? When it’s really a Karmann Ghia, that’s when! Before clicking through, we recommend protecting your keyboard from any materials that may spontaneously be ejected from your gullet upon viewing this abomination. Ordinary kitchen plastic wrap works great.

porsche 959 turbo engine karmann ghia
Totally a 444 HP 2.85 liter twin-turbo six, right?
Holy moley! Xenon lights and 18” custom wheels? Red paint that would make an exotic dancer’s lipstick blush? An open top so the air can waft through your scalp plugs? IT’S EXACTLY LIKE A PORSCHE 959!!! In fact, it’s better – no troublesome all-wheel drive, and a simplified non-turbo flat four for added fuel economy. Indeed, it does look like “a Million Bucks,” as per the ad.
959 porsche karmann ghia replica convertible
Yup, coulda fooled me!
Likewise, the seller points out that “These kits take many hours to build and you need lots of money to invest. Why do all the work when you can buy this one all done.” We know that despite the lack of a “?” that last sentence was a pointed question – why would you do all the work yourself, indeed? eBay

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