Wandering Around In The Lot At The BFE GP LeMons Race

In the comment section of the blogpost today asking what was the worst factory body kit ever, the LeMon Petty Cash race team was brought up. Mad Science mentioned they kicked butt at Buttonwillow and this olelongrooffan remembered seeing them do the same at the BFE GP last weekend. That reminded me of some images I had taken that weekend demonstrating the distances some LeMons participants had traveled to attend the BFE GP.

Now, this olelongrooffan was here, albeit accidentally, from Daytona Beach, Florida a distance of around 1,300 miles.

(Kansas) But I did not specifically fly here to attend this race.

Others, however, travelled quite a distance to attend this event located in the middle of nowhere an hour east of Denver.

Even though the cost of admission to participate in this race is limited to a $500 racecar, the cost of attendance is quite a bit more.

That is unless you are the esteemed Murilee Martin and can simply drive the Judgemovolvo over from your hometown of Denver, Colorado for a couple days of extreme Hoonage. And not get busted for displaying expired “Farm” tags on the rear of it.

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7 responses to “Wandering Around In The Lot At The BFE GP LeMons Race”

  1. pj134 Avatar

    I thought that, just for a moment, perhaps that Cherokee was mine that was saved from C4C and made its way out to Colorado… then I saw it still had part of the "Jeep" on the front and my dreams were dashed.

  2. RichardKopf Avatar

    olelongrooffan, no pictures of the decidedly long-roofed Ford LTD wagon?

    1. longrooffan Avatar

      coming up…

  3. PettyCashRacing Avatar

    You can check out the Wide Body conversion at: http://pettycashracing.wordpress.com/2011/06/29/p
    Also follow the team at http://www.facebook.com/teampettycash

  4. PettyCashRacing Avatar

    Oh, and we're a Seattle based team…we made quite the haul to race in CO too.

  5. jeepjunkie Avatar

    not sure that the longroof has his mileage from home accurate…..1200 miles to Branson MO from the birth place of speed and the way the longroof travels it was four days from Branson to Denver….somebody might want to check his expense report….seems the quickest way to the mile high city from the world's most famous beach does not include hotlanta nor the windy city…..glad you were able to attend the weekend fun….and I didn't have to front you the all access pass…..oh and happy hour is not the same since you left…..we are out of cold American beverages from that factory in St Louis….could you maybe call somebody you know and have them drop off a few samples…..and why was there only one jeep photo….

  6. throttle monkey Avatar
    throttle monkey

    jezus this is boring. wtf?