Jason Cammisa and Derek Tamm-Scott sit down and discuss the topic of station wagons in America. Spoiler alert: they both own them. The real shocker is that Derek owns an Audi 200 wagon & Mercedes E450 4matic, while Jason only has a BMW E30 Touring.

I won’t spoil the rest of the show, but there is a clip of Derek’s Audi wagon accelerating and it sounds very good.

The longroof question is one that I confront every time I am browsing vehicles on the Internet. I would really love to have something that would hold all six of us and have space for the larger than normal amount of groceries. The kids eat a lot. An E-Class wagon is $70,000 and the Buick Regal Tourx only has five seats. The Subaru Ascent basically looks like a taller version of the Outback wagon. Plus it’s turbo-charged, which means you’re a software map away from more fun. Who needs a warranty? I do. I definitely do.

Why do you think station wagons don’t do well in the States? Is it because those of us approaching our forties grew-up in longroofs and minivans? After growing up in SUVs, will our kids gravitate to wagons? I hope so.