Wagon Wednesday – Ford Falcon Futura in San Francisco

american_sightings_16 Walking from the Wharf towards the Transamerica Pyramid, I instantly noticed this Falcon Futura on Greenwich Street, right next to La Trappe Cafe, a place to get some Trappist beer if that’s what you’re looking for in San Francisco. The sun-baked, faded red Falcon wagon looked perfect in the midday sun, and I was quick to snap a few photos. american_sightings_18 As the 289 badge denotes, it has the bigger V8 up front, and is thus either a late ’64 or a ’65 car. They didn’t make the second gen Falcon for a long time, but long enough for the original buyer of this red wagon to snap it up. american_sightings_21 Despite the Mustang stealing all the Falcon sales, there’s nothing to fault about the wagon’s design. american_sightings_23 That is a burnt roof. american_sightings_20 american_sightings_19 I do love the badging on the car. It’s very much a product of its time. american_sightings_17 With all the beautiful patina on the Falcon, it’s just the kind of ride I’d happily daily drive if the mechanical bits were in order. Having it resprayed shiny again would take away the history. [Images: Copyright 2014 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]

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