Wagon Wednesday Craigslist: Mercedes Benz 300TD Drift Wagon

Drifting is typically a love it or hate it kind of thing. While I appreciate the driver skill it requires, it just isn’t for me. Suspension settings and tire choice aside, the drift cars can be pretty interesting, such as this turbodiesel Merc longroof (can we call Mercedes “Merc” now that Mercury is dead?). 

In addition to suspension modification (and a welded rear diff), this Merc underwent quite the engine modification. It is now sporting two turbos, a small and a larger one (I’m guessing in series), which makes for over 35psi of boost. This translates into an estimated (as per ad) 300hp and 400 torques out of the old oil-burning fiver. Impressive.

[Source: Atlanta Craigslist | Thanks for the tip, Leo from Atlanta!]

From the ad:

Drift modified,

Coil overs (JIC rear coil overs w10k spring on custom made mounts )

Modified knuckles,

Welded diff,

Diesel om617engine 5cyl with twin compound turbos (primary turbo t3 50trim .61 a/r custom built, secondary turbo t4 57trim .96 a/r),

Will foot brake to 25psi. Instant boost No turbo lag.

Modified injector pump (rack limiter removed, 5800rev limited ect)

larger delivery valve,

larger injectors.

Adjustable fuel pressure regulator

High pressure fuel pump

4in exhaust system w/5in tip.

Makes 35 to 40psi.300hp/400tq.( Cut and modified DV’s. Not idle happy, you can street drive it but very rough idle and OMG Smoke out the cars behind you.)

30ish on stock DV’s (125hp260tq)

23mpg on med DV’s (200hp300tq)

Takes about 20mins to change out Delivery Valves in injector pump.

Cold A/C, and has power steering.

Has full interior.

Daily driven.

It does not look very pretty, but apparently it works. The car has its own build page here, which I had hard time navigating. I wonder how the transmission is holding up, as the transmissions in these things were notoriously weak, even with slow daily driving with an unmodified engine. 

OBO price is $3600 and the seller is open to trades… probably RWD trades. 

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