Volvo V60 T8 is a longroof sleeper dream machine

The Volvo V60 T8 Polestar Engineered is one of my favorite cars that you can buy. It’s a gorgeous wagon. It has 455 hp. And it can cruise silently when you want to thanks to the strong PHEV powertrain. This thing rules, and I want one…

[Disclaimer: Volvo tossed me the keys to the V60 and included a tank of fuel.]

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One response to “Volvo V60 T8 is a longroof sleeper dream machine”

  1. Sjalabais Avatar

    It’s interesting how two of my favourite vehicles get great love from you, Jeff. We were to buy an EV6, but couldn’t because of practical issues with chargers on our property. Then we went for a PHEV wagon. The V90 – not this smaller V60 – was my favourite, with the same drivetrain at 400+ hp combined. Unfortunately, it’s twice the price of the 2018 Optima we ended up buying and we couldn’t justify that. Yet. Maybe later. The V90 also has more quality issues than the super reliable V60, even after many years in production.

    In everyday use, the Optima lands at 157 US MPG, now, on long trips during our summer vacation, it’s a little less than half that. That’s great, but seeing your video, I feel we missed out on a more premium vehicle that would offer much the same…

    When it comes to wagons in general, V60s and V90s like these are very, very plentiful in my neck of the woods, but even here, with 95%+ of new cars sold being EVs, Volvo has gone from lot sales to special orders. In the rest of Europe, wagons remain as a hugely important vehicle class, but the continent alone can’t justify their further existence, I’m afraid. It sucks.

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