Volkswagen and Apple – A Match Made in Hipster Heaven?

I like Volkswagen. They have been making good cars for years, be they interesting, fun, or occasionally sporty (R32 Mk IV, please be mine).
I like Apple. They have been making shiny, well built products for a few years now. I own a first generation iPhone (though it has been relegated to iPod duty for the time being), and I would like to play with the new iPad.
These two companies have teamed up to produce an app which is in effect a digital magazine.

Here we see a young Jay Leno Luca de Meo, VW’s Head of Marketing, explain the new product.
Some highlights…
-It’s a free download from the app store.
-It’s published quarterly, in five different languages.
-It will provide readers/users with up to date product information in a nice glossy package.
The lowlight…
It’s only available in Europe. CORRECTION: see below.
Why do they get all the cool stuff?
Hoons, would you use something like this if you had an iPad? Sound off in the comments. Maybe we can get the app AND the Scirocco to come over… if that happens, I just know that TheAutoInsider will be first in line for both.
CORRECTION: This app is available globally… still no luck on the Scirrocco.


  1. Only product info?
    That would be great if I were shopping for a new VW every quarter.
    <insert VW reliability joke here>

  2. Sure, I'd use it if I had an iPad. However, the chances of me buying an iPad are about as strong as me buying a Tiguan (they're both products I don't get the point of).

  3. It is another security measure for Volkswagen, good that they have adopted iPad technology which will be very useful to volks owner. It is simplified technology that really do its own work in virtual function.
    Karren of

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