No, Bultaco didn’t just make top-tier racing motorcycles. The Spanish company also built engines for go-karts and other four-wheel racing machines. And here’s one for sale. It’s a 1972 Bultaco 250 two-stroke engine stuffed beneath the bodywork of a lovely open-wheel green machine.

The listing says this vehicle is located in Spain. And it’s carrying a fairly steep asking price of just under $20,000. But if your the sort of person looking for fun ways to spend lots of money, then this could be a sweet thing to own. Per the eBay listing, the bodywork was bent in England and the Bultaco engine was originally for the US market.

Someone needs to bring the whole thing back to this market and set out for some excellent vintage-styled playtime.

Yes, we know – it’s definitely not cheap. But it probably sounds amazing, rips around super quick, and would look awesome parked in a garage even when the two-stroke is shut off. Update the brakes and tires, and have at it!

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