Video-"Ken Block" discusses Ken Block's 2012 season

Ken Block is the supreme ruler of automotive marketing and hype. He’s also a skilled stunt driver who pairs his car control work with a superb video team (including editors… that ain’t no one take video you’re watching, just FYI). Because of the popularity of Block’s videos, he often takes to YouTube to show the awaiting masses his new livery, a new video clip, or anything new from his DC Shoes clothing line.

The 2012 racing season is right around the … block (sorry), so Mr. B has taken to the Tubes of You once again. This time, however, things are a bit different. An unnamed interviewer is discussing the upcoming season with “Ken Block”, portrayed here by one Nick Swardson. I admit to being a fan of Mr. Swardson’s stand-up work (the show on Comedy Central is hit and miss), and he brings those skills here in Block’s newest video. Check it out after the break, and sign me up for a side of Blockli.


[Source: YouTube]

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