Video – Jay Leno gets GM to build him a real Camaro Z28

Power by way of large displacement is nearly always fun. That doesn’t mean we dislike smaller motors here in the Hooniverse. Quite the contrary, in fact. Taking something smaller, and making it powerful is just as rewarding as taking a slow car and driving it quickly. Someone who understands this is Jay Leno. We’re talking about a man who’s sampled engines of all sizes and shapes, and he recently added a new bow tie-badged, four-wheeled resident to his Big Dog Garage.

Back in 2009, Leno teamed up with General Motors to produce a Chevrolet Camaro for SEMA. That car was powered by a twin-turbocharged 3.6-liter V6 engine, which produced 420 horsepower. Fast forward three years, and the keys have finally arrived in Jay’s hands. Pay close attention to the seamless transition from the 2009 clip back into the 2012 video, and you’ll understand why Leno is considered a master of continuity. He brilliantly remembered to wear the exact same outfit that he wore to SEMA back in 2009.

Enough about clothing though, the main focus here is that Jay managed to get GM to build the car that absolutely should be the model for a future Camaro Z28. Jay’s car has upgraded brakes, wheels, and tires, and the lighter forced-induction mill under the hood, which should give it a noticeable handling edge over the more powerful V8-laden SS. 

Take a look at the clip posted after the break, and see if you think Leno nailed it with his twin-turbocharged Chevrolet Camaro.

[Source: Jay Leno’s Garage]

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