VIDEO: E30 M3 Street Car to Race Car in Minutes

My friend Miguel recently acquired Will Turner’s, the guy behind Turner Motorsports, BMW E30 M3. While super clean, Will’s M3 was setup for street and track duty. After a few track events and auto-crosses, Miguel, who is an experienced racer, decided to turn the M3 into a full race car to the BMWCCA M3T Spec

This morning Miguel and I were chatting about his car. Looking at the build pictures of the car I thought that they would make a pretty cool movie. An hour later Miguel, who owns VelozMedia, sent me a link to the below video. It’s about four and a half minutes and in it you will see the attention to detail put into this car. The car, wrapped in vinyl that pays homage to the Jeff Koons’ Le Mans Art Car, looks stunning in person.

Currently the race car is awaiting a new engine and dyno testing. Miguel promised me a HOONIVERSE EXCLUSIVE!!1! first drive and some laps around race track where you’ll see me scream like a little bitch and my man-boobs unexpectedly pop out of my shirt. 

[Source: VelozMedia & checkout VelozMedia Vimeo]

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube]

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