Video: Corkscrewed at Laguna Seca

While they may describe Polo as the sport of kings, racing spec Ferraris could be considered equally demanding of a princely pocketbook. Here we have a procession of the well-heeled heel and toeing a bunch of 458s through the lead turn in Laguna Seca’s infamous Corkscrew. Everything seems to be going as planned when. . . 

Caught by You Tuber Der Fieber, this 458 goes into turn 8 way too hot and then the driver pays the price for there being insufficient room to catch his mistake. The Corkscrew is bordered by the gravel and cushioning tires, protecting the majestic oaks lining the track from just such tomfoolery. Both speed arresters do their job just as they were intended and, well, the fun begins about :40-in so you’ll just have to see for yourself. Hopefully the driver (who thankfully walked away from the incident) is rolling in dough as well as Ferraris.

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