Video: Automotive loop-the-loop Guiness Record in a Chinese Lotus

A man named Li Yatao, who is from China, recently set the Guinness record for the biggest loop-the-loop in a car. The loop is just over 42′ in diameter and 12′ wide. Li’s vehicle of choice is the amazing Youngman (lol) Lotus L5 Sportback. Yea!

First off, other than this video I found no confirmation of the official Guinness record. Checking the official-looking Guinness World Records website showed no record of such, uhmm, record. Then I turned my attention to the vehicle at hand. A Lotus you say?

[Source: youtube | Masterschmo gets the tip of the hat]

Ah yea, the new for 2011 Youngman Lotus L5 Sportback debuted at the 2010 Beijing Auto Show. This puppy is powered 1.6 liter four banger which puts down a respectable 130hp. On the back of it is a badge that reads “Engineered by Lotus”.


Turns out that the Chinese Youngman produces Malaysian Proton cars for the Chinese market. Youngman can therefore use the Lotus name on all Chinese made Protons, and managed to register in China before Lotus, the Elise maker, did. Basically it’s the same confusing stuff that’s been going on in F1 for the last two years. At least they didn’t paint it British Racing Green.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube]

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