Video: A side-by-side final lap battle from ChumpCar at Watkins Glen

WG_Video Regular Hooniverse readers are probably no stranger to final-lap battles, what with V8 Supercars being one of this site’s spirit animals. What we hoons see perhaps less often is a last-lap dust-up in grassroots racing. This is strange, since this is often where the best racing takes place. But with no cameras, no radio coverage, and occasionally a bit of play-by-play, it’s hard to capture the whole of a crapcan fracas. However, a clever bit of video editing surfaced from such a donnybrook at last weekend’s ChumpCar race at Watkins Glen International. The fireworks came from the Simon Says Acura Integra and the Mopar 4 Life Dodge Neon. You can watch it after the jump. [youtube][/youtube] This video comes from Friday’s six-hour race, the first of the weekend. I won’t ruin the ending, but this side-by-side video (posted by the Simon Says driver, Rob Harvey) shows how two very high-quality, experienced endurance drivers use traffic to create opportunity. It’s tremendous stuff and the gap between cars never really gets bigger than about five car lengths. The ultimate margin of victory: 0.734 seconds. Thanks to Rage Cage Racing for the tip on Twitter. Follow Eric Rood on Twitter and on Facebook. [Source: Rob Harvey on YouTube]

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