Vettes of the May 1st Cruise

We’re nearing the end of the megalomaniacal photo post bonanza of early May. And as no US car cruise is complete without a dedicated Corvette parade, that’s exactly what we’re seeing here.

The first one to be posted is a cool-as-hell sunshine yellow Corvette C2. Perfect colour combination right there.

The guys piloting the yellow Vette look kind of smugly cool. But that’s acceptable, it’s one of the coolest cars of the day.

Let’s have a couple of C3:s next, two ’73s:

Yep, the latter was posted just a week ago. Still a handsome thing.

This later, black one is slightly rougher but seems to be capable of hauling ass. It lives just a block from me, and the previous night it roared round town with the pedal on the metal/plastic.

I’m not ashamed to say the C4 is my favorite Corvette generation.

Let’s close with a few late-model Vettes. It’s a shame only the C5 had pop-up headlights, but it’s also true the newest ones would look a bit goofy with them.

And hey; all those Vettes and no-one crashed.


[Images: Copyright 2012 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]

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