V.I.S.I.T.: Speedycop's Latest Competition


Ya know my fellow Hoons, sometimes some really good shit happens to this olelongrooffan even when I’m not looking. I recently relocated to toney Palm Beach, Florida and I wasn’t really sure if there would be any cool car crap worth sharing but damn, am I surprised. Last weekend was a great British car show (yeah those images are coming). Then while out and about surfing these interwebs, this olelongrooffan realized the Barrett-Jackson show a mere 20 minute drive from TheStuccoBox I call home is coming up this weekend. A mere email to our Chief Blooger netted this olelongrooffan all the credentials in the above image for that show and all it entails.

Plus, while I was down there picking up said credentials, I spotted Speedycop’s latest LeMons competition.


That’s right my fellow Hoons, much like the Imperials, wooden bed pickup trucks, and LaSalles, in the past week alone, this olelongrooffan has spotted, not one but, two helicopters on trailers out on the road.

Can’t wait for the gala tonite and the show this weekend. Thanks again Chief Blooger.

Also thanks to our fellow Finnish Hoon for imaging assistance with my new image taker.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2013/longrooffan

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