V.I.S.I.T. – So, What does a 90% Restored 1982 Imperial Look Like?

Around the same time I spotted a Dodge Ram Van, with a custom Cabriolet Roof Treatment, I spotted another Chrysler offspring in the form of a 1982 Chrysler Imperial. When these came out, they were quite breathtaking, in a weird Malaise sort of way. With a long front end, and a Seville like “Bustle Back” end, it was all very interesting. Well my fellow readers, this one is still quite interesting, but you will have to make the jump to see it.

Here it is, and it is suppose to be 90% restored. I’m not seeing it, as the headlamp doors are missing, and the paint scheme is quite revolting. If you comtinue to look, the rear window molding is missing pieces, the driver side window doesn’t seat properly, and the interior needs major work.

However, I am thinking that this would totally rock as a LeMons Race Car, with a rock steady 318 V-8, and an indestructible Torqueflite Automatic. And it has a built in theme, a low rider that has gone terribly bad…. Or just make an Imperial General Lee, and go racing. I’m sure the owner will accept 1/2 of his asking price, and you can sell off the glass, radio, and other things to make up the $500.

One more thing, take a look at the rear end, and see the subtle striping here…… Oh My Lord.

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  1. lilwillie Avatar

    Well, there goes lunch..

  2. P161911 Avatar

    Perfect car for a LeMons Star Wars theme. Imperial Star Destroyer, etc.

  3. engineerd Avatar

    I try to be a positive person, but people are so stupid, in general, that I usually wind up cranky and pissed off all the time. In an effort to be more positive, though, I have found one good thing about this:
    It is not donked.
    Yet, anyway. Find this car in a year and I bet you'll find the finest rented 26" wheels money can buy adding to the LSD-induced theme.

  4. tiberiuswise Avatar

    I'd say kill it with fire but I don't think that would work here.
    BTW. I have a personal hatred for these post malaise Chryslers. I used to approve car loans and invariably these would come to me at 120% of MSRP, get repo'd 12 months later and I'd lose $15,000 to $20,000.

  5. KillerZomBee Avatar

    For the upwardly mobile pimp. Nothing quite says "You have arrived" like a swag new orange Imperial.

  6. Joe Btfsplk Avatar
    Joe Btfsplk

    Everyone knows…. the first 90% of a reto is the easy part. It's the last 10% that's a bitch!

  7. soo΄pәr-bādd75 Avatar

    I'd like to see someone play off of that wannabe Rolls Royce grill. Damn that thing is hideous!

  8. Tomsk Avatar

    Kind of a real-life Hunter Vegas except, you know, lame…[youtube d1F2R326Lc4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1F2R326Lc4 youtube]

    1. jjd241 Avatar

      Bo and Luke Duke would be proud! That's some A+ Hoon'n!

  9. Black Steelies Avatar

    Ughh. Disgustingly ugly. And not in the, "but it's got a lot of character" sense of ugly. Maybe it's the paint.. maybe. i just don't know.

    1. Mike_the_Dog Avatar

      It's mostly the paint. If you've ever seen one of these in the most common colors (Whirlpool White & Amana Argent), they're really not bad looking.

  10. Tim Odell Avatar
    Tim Odell

    With a different wheel/tire combo, I could see this at least being "oh a whole". Hopefully it's got a sweet cassete stereo system with a "metal" setting.
    A perfect match for the owner of the local roller-disco.

    1. Tomsk Avatar

      Part of me wants to find a really clean Imperial (or a 2nd-gen Cordoba/Mirada), drop in a new-style Hemi, lower it and slap on a set of unpolished American mags. Maybe even make a rear spoiler out of a sheet of aluminum to give it a crypto NASCAR vibe like that seen below.
      <img src="http://www.imperialclub.com/Yr/1981/Buddy/bamirada.jpg&quot; width="966" height="561" />
      I know, I know…I need help…

  11. junkman Avatar

    Would be worth it if it still has the original Frank Sinatra cassette tapes.

  12. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

    Buy for a grand, spray matte-black, sell stock alloys and whitewalls to someone who gives a shit, mount wide steelies, build up the 318, scare the locals.

  13. mrgoodcat Avatar

    like shit?

  14. nofrillls Avatar

    Holy Jesus, that paint scheme/body angularity is aneurysm-inducing.

  15. Online Consignment Avatar

    Good luck getting people behind this one. Though you make some VERY fascinating points, youre going to have to do more than bring up a few things that may be different than what weve already heard. What are trying to say here? What do you want us to think? It seems like you cant really get behind a unique thought. Anyway, thats just my opinion.

  16. Rachell Zerbe Avatar

    Spitze Design hat dieser Blog. Woher hast du die Vorlage ? War bestimmt sehr teuer.

  17. legion Avatar

    Need a few gallons of Black paint Stat! Or silver.
    That orange is hideous! Good thing my 81 still wears its silver.