V.I.S.I.T. – Orange Swedish Door Stopper Edition

Saab FWD Sonett III sportscar
Safety orange ain’t just for traffic cones and Bricklin SV1s!
It’s a gorgeous spring day in Seattle, despite our intentional propaganda to the contrary designed to keep pesky tourists away. That didn’t stop this Swedish emigre from settling down in Ballard, home to many old Swedes and their cars. Full gallery below.
Saab Sonnett FWD sportscar front
Auxilary lights FTW.
A Type 97 Sonett offers so much to love – manually-operated popup headlamps, a striking wedge shape (good for a Cd of 0.31), and of course a Ford V4 churning the front wheels. A bright period-correct color only helps bring home the charms of the Sonett. In most parts of the country they’re as common as hen’s teeth, but old Ballard’s Scandinavian roots run as deep as a Volvo B18 runs long. Not a two-stroke, unfortunately, but a potent autocross tool nonetheless.

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