V.I.S.I.T – Can this really be a 20 year old car, and is it worth the asking price?

Continuing with the cars that are for sale at a local car show I went to over the weekend, I came across this beauty that could have been on the “Certified Pre-Owned” section of a New Car Dealership. I can’t believe that this car is 20 years old, but to see it, you have to make the jump…. Its a funny thing, but older Mercedes-Benz models don’t really look that old, especially the SL. This car has an aura of fresh minted money, nicely finished in white, without a hint of tackiness that seems to accompany most older Benz models. Its a perfect summer cruiser, with only a bit more than 19,000 miles on the clock, it has a lot of life left to cruise with your significant other (or your concubine if you prefer…) on the way to your retreat. However, I have to ask if the price for this vintage Benz is too much, or if you would part with $24,500 of your hard earned dollars to own what is probably the nicest 500 SL in New England? Why not leave your comments below?

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