Using track data to improve your times

I’ve heard about using data derived from onboard telemetry to improve ones lap times. Really though, I didn’t fully understand what the pros are looking at, and how they use the data to get faster. Friend of Hooniverse Matt Farah recently got a healthy education in just how to use on-track data to make yourself go faster.
He hopped in one of the EXR spec racers, which we ourselves sampled back in November of 2015, and he was set loose for ten laps of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Matt then came in and chatted with EXR pro Alex Premat for a breakdown session. The two compared Matt’s laps to Alex’s own faster laps, and Matt could see where Alex was able to break later or get on the power sooner. In some cases, Alex wasn’t breaking at all in spots where Matt would hit the stoppers.
It’s a pretty cool look at how one can use telemetry to push yourself harder and faster. It’s also clear just how good pro drivers really are at going fast, braking late, and using every bit of a race track.

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  1. salguod Avatar

    I would have thought that breaking would have been something to avoid altogether, early or late, as to avoid a DNF.
    Braking, on the other hand, should be done as little and late as possible.
    (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)