Upholster your seats in your father's trousers!

They've gone into plaid!
When discussing the merits of semi-affordable, FWD hot hatches, one factor that always comes into play when weighing the GTI’s merits is its rad, optional plaid seats. “The Mini Cooper handles better, the Mazdaspeed 3 is faster, the Type-R (for our readers across the pond) is cheaper to maintain, when the Fiat 500 comes here it’ll be way cooler, and for that price you could even pick up a used WRX STi/Lancer EVO/LS2-engined Miata/Factory Five Cobra/Kawasaki GPZ1000/Ford Mustang,” your pedantic friend argues in another one of those oh-so-productive what would you buy? bar conversations. “Yeah, but,” you begin, taking another swig of Fat Tire, “dude. Plaid seats.” VW needs to be commended for this charming option, which they dub “Interlagos Plaid,” or for some bizarre reason, “Jacky,” possibly relating to elderly Scottish women. Plaid seats are a wonderfully anachronistic throwback to the cheesy, campy 70s, before this sort of thing (apparently) became the fashion equivalent of ebola. Pah! Here’s a child of that wonderful decade that rocks its plaid without irony or compromise. Does the heaping spoonfuls of plaid—green plaid!—make up for the fact that the Triumph TR7 is one of the most unloved cars in existence, not only in Triumph history but human achievement, a car that reeks of the worst excesses of British Leyland cynicism and Japanese surrender? If you certainly think so, then a little over $4,000 is your Ticket to Ride. Just air out the Hai Karate before you show it to your spouse. 1976 Triumph TR7 – Autotrader Classics

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