Update from Mecum – My first live auction experience

This '76 Bronco half-cab went for a shade over $30K

Day one of my first auction experience is in the books and I wanted to send you folks an update. I will start by saying this – if you have the chance to attend an event like this…GO. Run, don’t walk to the car. Just get in and drive to an auction near you.
The vehicles on display range from pretty cool to OMG I WILL SELL MY SOUL FOR THAT CAR/TRUCK (or in one case, BOAT). Don’t believe me? Hop the jump for a few highlights.
The cars range from “older than dirt” to “why are you selling a brand new car here” with the majority falling in between. If you are a muscle car fan, this is heaven. Are you looking for a Z/28 Camaro or do you prefer the SS? Do you like fastback Mustangs or have a hankerin’ for a convertible? Do you have $15,000 to spend or does your banker know you on a first name basis? They may show lots of high-ticket items on TV, but there really is something here for everyone.
They even have a car for wittle ole Mitch

The staff here at Mecum are incredibly friendly and are letting me wander the grounds here. I stumbled through a door and found myself behind the stage at one point. Luckily I didn’t wander into the shot – I stumbled back outside and took some more photos of the cars. They have a staging area setup for the ones about to roll across the block, but the majority of cars are arranged under a tent (setup not to Russo & Steele on everyone’s precious metal). They are separated by the day and order that they are going to be auctioned.
I will have a full wrap-up on Monday complete with a Mega-Gallery of photos…for now though here are a few highlights for you:
A beautiful Ford F-250

See! I told you there was a boat...

and the one I would sell my soul for...the second best 'Bird car I have ever seen

According to Mecum staff, the sell-through rate is around 75% and they already cleared $11MM+ in sales. Huge numbers and a job well done so far, with even more interesting vehicles crossing the block today.
One last note, my friend did purchase a car yesterday – a beautiful 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28. It is dark green with white stripes, a black vinyl roof, and has the black and houndstooth interior. He is obviously excited, and I was happy just to sit in it.
Stay tuned for the full-wrap up and mega-gallery on Monday, I am heading back out into the fray…


  1. Just went through last night's broadcast on the DVR, found the Camaro and realized, "Hey, that's our Braff!"
    Congrats to your friend; that was a good buy.

      1. Seems prices for all 1st gen Broncos have about doubled in the last 5 years or so. I know that the 1/2 cab is fairly rare but it seems even the normal ones have gone from being $5000-$10000 to now $20k+ if they are in any kind of decent shape.

        1. I know where there's a half cab sitting in the weeds on a ranch. Seems to be complete, no major body damage or anything. It's my little secret for when I get some money together.

        1. One that surprised me…a Saleen Focus sold for 9,100.
          I know its the wrong crowd, but that is a bargain.

  2. So out of all the beauties sold, how many do you think will be driven and enjoyed? How many can be driven? The whole investment car idea is a strange one for me. I do put a great amount of money in cars because I break something and have to fix it. Great coverage Jeff, can't wait for the mega gallery and report.

  3. The Challenger ruined with a drop and the cliche' Foose wheels makes me a sad a little. I'm not a huge fan of the so-called "resto-custom" though. I like to see a nice period set of wheels on classics, and save the monster billet wheels for the newer stuff. I know I'm probably in the minority here, but I'd rather see some Cragar S/S rims or something on that Challenger.
    The Fiat is just lovely. The F-250 looks magnificent, and $120k for that Superbird seems like a mere pittance. It sho' is purty.

  4. For whatever reason, seeing that boat inspired a lyric:
    If I had a boat
    I'd go out to the auction
    And if I had a pony car
    I'd drive it on my boat
    And we could all together
    Go out to the auction
    Me upon my pony car on my boat

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