The Land Rover Discovery is an extremely capable, long-standing warrior in the wheeling-meets-commuting world of shared missions. It’s a versatile, competent vehicle and one that has made an impact on the market it competes in and that has established itself as a nameplate of significance therein. From the Camel Trophy to the suburbs, the truck can seemingly do it all. Today’s Disco is– as we have found out time and time again— has built on the original’s purpose as a do-it-all SUV, something that can get you to and through the trail in equal comfort. Over the years the truck has evolved a substantial amount, but once-upon-a-time it was available with what now looks to be a very special option.
Back in early 2017 I drove a a 1995 Discovery with a V8 and a 5-speed manual a somewhat obscure example of the Series I run. Prior to my friend telling me about this specific truck, I didn’t know they even sold one with a stick. In hindsight it’s not surprising; the Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, 4Runner, and so on could all be bought with a third pedal. And while the truck I “reviewed” was far from the best example, I loved it. Hell, even our own Jeff Glucker briefly considered buying it. The style, seating layout, V8, 5-speed, and British charm made for it to be a true gem. And now, another has turned up for sale.
This white 1995 Discovery has the right look and the right foundation. The 3.9L V8 that wooed me is present, and the white wheels match the paint for a very safari-esque (real safari, not “safari” in the sense of the trendy Porsche movement going on now) look that would be perfect on the trail or prowling about New England during the fall and winter months. It might need a little work, but what 20+ year-old vehicle– and especially, what 20+ year-old Land Rover– doesn’t?
Should you want a stick-shift Discovery of your own, hit the link to the For Sale ad here.