Two Wheeled T—OOPS!

Providing motorcycle-related content on Two-Wheel Tuesday is the real reason I was knighted as a contributor here at Hooniverse. Many car-related endeavors include the token motorcycle reference, but some of them don’t bother to keep an actual motorcycle dude on staff. They certainly didn’t have a serious (or even casual) biker around at TOPPS when they created the World On Wheels trading card series in 1954. Oops!

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10 responses to “Two Wheeled T—OOPS!”

  1. Maymar Avatar

    I blame Quinn Malory.

    1. Hopman Avatar

      ahhah! Sliders reference!

  2. lilwillie Avatar

    🙂 I do enjoy "Two Wheeled Tuesday". I'm not a bike guy. Can't ride very well with my being so damn short and such a light guy. Not many bikes would suit me well and those I have ridden I've gotten into trouble on. I like Bikes though, I have a 70's Honda 350 collecting dust in the barn. When Dad restored it a few years back I actually took it around the block a bunch of times and realized how crappy a rider I was. It sat in the shop area as a decoration for a long time before going to the Barn and storage. Ahhhh, no wife and kids I'd think about riding but she knows I'd end up as a organ donor and has said "no freaking way" so I'll just read the Hoon and enjoy it from afar.

    1. Maymar Avatar

      As a total noob at riding, believe me, the training course (and a sense of self-preservation) helps plenty (for what it's worth, I've only got a 30 inch inseam, so some bikes don't fit me too great either). Then again, I won't deny that if I bought a bike with too much displacement, I'd probably pre-pay a couple speeding tickets.

    2. From_a_Buick_6 Avatar

      Seconded. I've always been a car nut first and foremost. I've had flashes of interest in bikes from time to time, but I've never been to serious about them.
      However, I caught the bike bug real bad this past spring. I'm 24, single and have quite a few friends who are riders. In terms of obligations to loved ones and disposable income, it's the perfect time for me to buy a bike. So, I took the the MSF course in June, got my license and had the check in my hand to buy a Triumph Bonneville.
      But I just couldn't do it. I just don't trust other motorists and I really don't trust my own motor skills, either (I'm 5'11"/155lbs, but a total klutz). I still want one, but I can't get comfortable with the reality of riding one on the road. I'll probably just buy the new Mustang GT I've been pining after for five years instead.
      I may still get a bike at some point. But it might just be a junker Honda 350 to ride around the block and tinker with.

    3. CptSevere Avatar

      I've had three of those 350's (I'm assuming you mean the twin), and all three were given to me by people who just wanted them taken away. Just saying.
      Actually, they're great little bikes. Too bad about the wife forbidding you to ride it. They sound great with a 2 into 1 header and foam air cleaners at about 9 grand. Then you realize you're only going about forty miles an hour.

    4. chrystlubitshi Avatar

      i love the idea of being able to go out and ride.. but i'm so much bigger than my friends (who are willing to "let me learn"—— i'm 6'4" 250lbs….. they're no taller than 6' (avg of 5'9" and 160 lbs.)) that i am incredibly uncomfortable/unstable trying to learn on their little bikes…. i really want to learn… and wish i could have picked up my brother's bike (when he decided that motorcycles aren't for him (he found an early 80's honda 600 cruiser… cheap… and ended up selling it at a loss….) just haven't been able to find an "in" to the sport without finding out whether or not i'm capable/comfortable doing it at all… any one have any suggestions?

  3. kvhnik Avatar

    Norton. Because you know those Germans make great stuff.

    1. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

      Well spotted! I have to say some of the drawings look a little fanciful, is that Lancia meant to be a B24 Aurelia?

  4. Slow Joe Crow Avatar
    Slow Joe Crow

    As an aside is the "Gatso" sports car anything to do with Maurice Gatsonides, rally driver and sadly speed camera inventor.