1971 triumph 250 trailblazer

Two-Wheel Tuesday: This old Triumph is ready to blaze a trail

Triumph wanted a scambler-style bike and for two years it built just that. It’s called the T25T Trailblazer, and it was on the market from 1970 to 1971. According to Bike-Urious.com (which is a fantastic name for a site), the Trailblazer wasn’t a hot ticket item at the time due to a lame gearbox and a mixing stand ride. Still, they didn’t crank out a ton of them so that makes it a bit of a collector’s item.

The one listed for sale here looks to be in excellent shape. On the Trailblazer, Triumph used a 22-horsepower 247-cc single. You have the four-speed gearbox, with the right-foot handling shifting duties. On this bike, the rear brake is engaged with your left foot.

Just a few years ago, this was a $4-5k bike. Now it seems it may be a $7,500 machine. Is it worth the dough or should you just find an old Bonneville or a new Ducati Scrambler?

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One response to “Two-Wheel Tuesday: This old Triumph is ready to blaze a trail”

  1. Batshitboc Avatar

    It took me about three minutes to find a pleasant variety of BSA Gold Star 250s that top out at $3750. Try it yourself! Search criteria, “BSA 250 gold star for sale”

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