Two Wheel Tuesday: Moto Monday – Which Happened Yesterday Of Course

Salt Lake City should be a mecca for gearhead culture in the United States: wide, straight streets practically begging for impromptu street drag racing (don’t do this), close proximity to the world famous Bonneville Salt Flats, and more recently, the Miller Motorsports Park

But in the home of conservative politics and even more conservative lifestyles, Utah’s car scene is mostly beige.  For whatever reasons, sadly Salt Lake has failed to develop much of a “scene.”  Sure, there’s car shows, random parking lot get-togethers and other small events.  However, there are a number of small and vibrant underground scenes of hard-core enthusiasts such as the ones I had the pleasure of hanging out with last night. 

The event is Moto Monday, and while it is a small gathering, it makes up for size with camaraderie and passion.  You won’t find any trailer queens parked on the sidewalk in front of one of SLCs best pizza places – instead, expect flat black paint, seat pans with no upholstery and home-made bodges beautiful in their ingenuity. 

So without further ado, some images from last night’s event – click on each to embiggen.  And a reminder to all – if you have events like this in your town, go out and support them – even if you don’t ride or drive a cool set of wheels.  Hang out and absorb the blood, sweat and tears – support your local Hoons.


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