Two Wheel Tuesday: Harley Davidson gives us Seventy Two reasons to be Slim

Harley Davidson Seventy-Two

Harley Davidson introduces you to its new models: the Sportster Seventy-Two and the Softail Slim. Harley Davidson designed these bikes during their two slowest sales years. By refocusing on their lower end bikes and working hard to help them stand out Harley Davidson with some impressive design. These should help The Motor Company recapture the sales it had in the past. 

[Source and images: Harley Davidson]

Sportster Seventy-Two:

Harley Davidson dips into a newer vein of design. After spending decades reliving the post war years The Motor Company has decided to appeal to a more modern audience. Using stylistic elements that remind you of the classic peanut gas tank of the 70’s Sportster’s and the Springer style front end. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to look like Evil Knievel? As Triumph has shown with the Bonneville reviving the seventies can work for sales. The Seventy-Two starts at $10,499.

Softtail Slim:

Moving a bit upmarket from the Seventy Two, starting at $15,499, this Slim also moves you up one entire model line. This Softail leans on the blackout Night Train look that Harley Davidson has been releasing across it’s lines for quite a while now. It appears to a broader base then the 72 does by offering a muscle bike look with matte black paint and a very low seat height. 

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