Two Wheel Tuesday: False Neutral Podcast #92 – On The Road (Literally) with Steve Faux

This month’s episode is a bit different, and somewhat experimental. Garrett is busy with exams this month, so Pete and Eric are joined by guest Steve Faux, a moto vlogger from Lincoln, Nebraska. Steve joins us via mobile phone while out riding his Harley. We discuss a range of topics, from the remarkable Honda Fury psuedo-chopper, motorcycle cruise control, helmet laws, ape hangers, riding in the Midwest, and the proper mindset when making Internet videos and podcasts. [We’ve done our best to enhance the sound quality of Steve’s phone connection, but his voice is slightly garbled in a couple spots.]

You can find Steve’s YouTube Channel at Steven Fauxtagraphy

False Neutral – On The Road (Literally) with Steve Faux

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Honda Fury

A Harley Road Glide with 16-inch handlebars (not actually Steve’s bike)

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