Two Wheel Tuesday: Cleveland CycleWerks: Rolling Two Wheeled Artwork at Starter Bike Prices

Cleveland CycleWerks Tha Heist

 Very low MSRP, unique styling, and a name nobody knows or will question. Sounds like a pretty decent formula for a motorcycle to us.

Cleveland Cycle Werks has been around for several years now to fill an interesting niche in the marketplace: that of style over substance. Cleveland offers inexpensive Chinese built motorcycles whose design is first-and-foremost the reason you are shopping for them. Starting at only $3195 these are rolling pieces of artwork. Now let us take a look under the bodywork to find more to this mystery.


Cleveland CycleWerks Tha Ace

Powered by a 250cc engine this motorcycle won’t be a barn burner by any stretch of the imagination. If speed is what you are looking for in a cruiser then you will have to look elsewhere. The Japanese manufacturers will be more then willing to help you out with that need. Those bikes cost more too, but  have more derivative styling and it will likely be more reliable.

Cleveland CycleWerks Tha Misfit

As time goes on CCW may show the reliability the company is hoping for. They promise to be more involved with quality control with their bikes than most other manufacturers in this price range but only time will tell. Take a moment and just let your eyes drape themselves over the Ace and Misfit. Even with speeds limited to the low end of what you want to do on the highway does it matter? More likely this will be the bike you just pull out of the garage for a short cruise back and forth through town.

Cleveland CycleWerks The Hooligun


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