Two-Door Tuesday – 1980 Mercedes-Benz W123 Coupé

Finding it acceptable to stretch the Tuesday nomenclature in yet another way (Two-wheel Tuesday, Tudor Tuesday), I’m posting this good-looking two-door Mercedes today. The sun was shining, somebody was out with his/her classic Mercedes; last Wednesday was a good, albeit dusty day. Unlike in more southern parts of Finland, snow has been all but banished here and you get to see some green grass, sunny sky and actual road & street surface in my posts these days instead of ubiquitous snow and ice.

Click for more photos of the Merc.

There’s the tow bar, as befits a Finnish car. But the 230CE isn’t really a 230CE; the plates tell the tale and the original car with these plates has actually started life as a 240D. Those mechanicals have been, later on, migrated to a more attractive coupé body as was in vogue back in the day. There has to be at least 49,9% of the old 240D in there somewhere for the car to stay “legit”, so it’s a possibility the oil-burner engine is still under the hood.

The wheelarches also look like the car’s also had aftermarket chrome arches on at some point, and as such need a little refurbishing.

And as can be expected, there’s also an aftermarket wooden steering wheel.

While the worn alloys aren’t in top nick and have lost their centre caps, they’re completely acceptable as winter wheels. This Merc is a winterbeater, after all.

On said alloy wheels are Nokian Hakkapeliittas.

So, as the winter seems to have been beat and the sun is out, how would you feel about opening the sunroof on this W123 coupé?

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