Tune in for the Hooniverse Weekend Edition…. or else!

Did you know that Hooniverse has regular postings that go live all weekend? No? Well, we realize that there are a lot of Hoons out there who can’t seem to get enough of our particular brand of lunacy during the week, so you can now get your Hooniverse fix on weekends as well. Here is just a preview of what’s going live this weekend. – Amber takes us on a day at the Miller Sports Park, just outside of Salt Lake City. – Blake has us remembering the 70’s including one big mustache, and not the one pictured. – I once again take you on a tour through Chevy Enthusiast Magazine, with a Buyers Guide on the 69 – 72 Chevy Blazer, and the 94 – 96 Impala SS, with a few surprises. Oh, and there will be a lot more, so make sure you stop by this weekend.

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