Truck Thursday Long Shots: Not My Dad's Pickemuptruck

Now this olelongrooffan has shared with my fellow Hoons my Hoonage lineage and the fact that I blame my Dad, TheGentlemanFarmer, as well as all four of my brothers for my being a Hoon. And that is definitely not a bad thing.

Back in the early 80’s while I was partying like a rock star down in the Florida Panhandle, TheGentlemanFarmer decided to get out of his Citroen days and get into F100 shorty pickup trucks. His 69 pictured above was his first foreray into those shortys. He soon followed it up with a round nose 83 version in, of course, two tone 80’s tan. The other day as I was heading home from work I spotted one similar to his 67, but it was only in model year that the similarity was present.


As this olelongrooffan was heading up Beach Street here in the Birthplace of Speed, this lowered beauty was spotted parked on the street just outside the boundaries of the location where theKid and thejeepjunkie had this adventure. No, it’s not an “It’s gotta HEMI” experience, but a 5.0 presumably from a Fox bodied Mustang.

Yeah this was the first time this olelongrooffan has seen this lowered ole pickemuptruck. It didn’t possess the full wheel cover and bone ass stock ones TheGentlemanFarmer’s did but was, instead, sporting some relatively cool aftermarket wheels.

It did, however, have some pretty cool low profile mirrors that I would suspect are derive from a late model Blue Oval product which is beyond identification.

It is a good thing this squatted shorty was sporting paint of this color as it camoflagued all of the ever present in the Sunshine State rust.  Rust was everywhere on this thing.  And this olelongrooffan is not talking surface rust here but the worst kind, through the skin cancer.

My fellow Hoons only need look at the above image just above the windscreen to see what I am taking about.  Now I am one to talk as my ole Comanche (Waldo to some) came into my possession in a prerusted state.  But in my defense, most of the rust on my buggy is surface rust in nature.

However, given the lived in nature of this rustyolepickemuptruck, the owner is most likely going to daily drive this until the body simply rusts off.

More power to that Hoon.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2012/longrooffan

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