Truck Thursday Long Shots: Defender 110 And A Couple Red Brethren

So last weekend while this olelongrooffan was down watching my beautiful daughter strut across that high school graduation stage, I was out and about the next day and spotted this gorgeous Land Rover Defender 110

I am pretty sure this is the same one fellow Hoon Jim Yu and I spotted while we were at that exotic car repair facility that Christmas holiday.

I would suspect that two of these, outfitted the same, would not be found in this section of Southwest Florida, regularly inhabited by cars slung alot lower to the ground and costing a whole lot more money.

And, my fellow Hoons, sorry for the blurry image above but those are folding rear jump seats For The Win.

And the front of this Ford by product looks equally as rugged as does the rear.

And speaking of Fords, this olelongrooffan spotted one of the same vintage as my dad, TheGentlemanFarmer, owned back in the day, short bed and all.

And another a brother, thehorsefarmer, sported during his early Navy days.

Know this my fellow Hoons, just being back in a pretty cool town that I spent over 20 years in was a treat for this olelongrooffan.  But seeing all the cool machinery I saw was just as cool.

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