Truck Thursday: Land Rover Discovery on 54" Tires

The bad news is that I have been spending my free time looking at Land Rovers and Land Cruisers, so expect to see a lot of that. I go on these obsessive binges for a while and then I quit cold turkey, so bear with me. The good news is this a Land Rover Discovery on 54″ tires. Why? Why not?

The eBay ad claims to be a promotional/advertising vehicle but I don’t see why I couldn’t drive that everyday. Hell, with the TD5 the gas mileage is probably no worse than any gas-powered stock Landy. Yours for only 35,000 Brit pounds…. which is probably like $90,000 for some reason.

[Source: eBay UK, via]

How does one get into that roof tent? And where’s the spare tire?

The fenders provide sufficient coverage – inspection passed! Those train horns… that’s just too much. And I’m sure that snorkel comes in handy.

Rear winch, why? Why not? The trailer hitch impacts the break-over angle so that needs to go. Also, needs truck nuts.

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