Truck Thursday: How to Ruin a Truck

00f0f_1Za9rHYc2wh_600x450 Happy Hoon Year, my friends. It’s 2016, and we’re all full of hope. Some of us are just wrapping up the Christmas season (12 days of Christmas and all), while others have long since put away the decorations and are cleaning up after their New Year’s parties. As for me, I’m enjoying a quiet evening in the Queen City, reflecting on the past year while making plans for 2016. I’ve got Top Gear reruns playing on the TV, and the list that is Craig’s on my laptop, so it’s safe to say that some things never change in life. Speaking of things that never change, planning ahead, and looking to the past, some guys never learn. You see, the Dodge D150 is a perfectly respectable pickup, capable and utilitarian in its own right. In fact, Dodge even made an off-road version of the D150, which made a good truck even better on the loose stuff. This truck, I’d bet my next cup of coffee, is none of those things… 00s0s_d2A7sk1klJh_600x450 The ad:

I have a 1978 Dodge powerwagon pickup, it is a four wheel drive, it has a lift.does Not have big tires, it has no motor or tranny.does have transfer case., I’m asking $1,300, it is a stepside, it has very little rust on it. Will trade for a 1998 and up Dodge 4×4 truck , or an old Dodge the time you buy a lift &put it in,you’ll have as much money,&alot more time lost. Thank you

01010_ajuqjeZY2UR_600x450 I see a few problems with the seller’s logic, however: no matter how cheaply you could get a lift kit, you’d still be missing an engine and a transmission. Also, it’s pretty obvious that he didn’t compensate for the driveshaft operating angle when the lift was installed. It must be a blast to drive. [Source: Springfield Craigslist]

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