Truck Thursday: Chevy S10 Québécois Drift edition [Video]


We’ve talked drift trucks here before with Chad Copeland’s monstrous SR20DET-powered Datsun 620 getting a Hooniversal Car of the Year nomination in 2010. But French-Canadian drifter Maxime Lemoine took a different approach to utility-hauler-drifting. Rather than put a boosted car engine into a vintage truck frame, Lemoine instead dropped a GM LSX454 crate motor into a relatively late-model Chevy S10. The result: glorious American tire-shredding muscle in the hands of an able hoon from our French-speaking neighbors to the north. Enjoy a couple videos after the break.


Lemoine took home Rookie of the Year honors in the 2013 Driftmania Canadian Championships, about which I’ll admit to knowing virtually nothing. But a few seconds of hearing the unassuming beast’s ursine growl as it vaporizes tires tells you all you need to know about its nature.


American drifters should feel a little ashamed that a foreigner put a giant, torquey crate motor in an American truck for drifting first, but they should mostly feel giddy that it’s been done at all.

Well struck, Maxime. Well struck.

 [Sources: LowSub and kevacura YouTube channels]


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