Truck Thursday: 1995 Hummer H1 Wagon

Just think what the Hummer brand name and image would have been today if General Motors decided not to whore it out for all it was worth. The name would have been harmonious with longevity, heroism and dependability. Instead we are left with what maybe the worst brand image of our time.

Perhaps that poor brand image can work in our favor though. The H1, the only Hummer really worth owning (or is it? We shall explore in the future) was once considered a status-y luxury off-road vehicle. When new, similar wagons to this one could fetch over $150,000, yet here we are now able to Buy It Now for $24,900.

[Source: eBay Motors]

I can still remember the Hummer H1 commercials, few of which I saw on CNN, selling is as the ultimate American family vehicle, designed to last a decade or something to that tone. No one would doubt it either, what with the kind of advertising that it received in Operation Desert Storm. So, how does it hold up almost twenty years later?

This red wagon has just over 119,000 miles on it. The owner states that the original GMC 6.5-liter non-turbo diesel was rebuilt 9000 miles ago. That really is not surprising as the 6.5L is known to crack its cylinder heads. The transmission was also replaced with a new one and the transfer case was rebuilt. So all the major components have been taken care of, but this could still mean good or bad news for the potential new owner.

What shouldn’t be surprising is the failure of stuff from GM parts bin that was installed in this H1 from the factory. Windows are slow to roll up and down, blown speakers, and other electronics just not working properly. The good news is that those kinds of things can be easily repaired in one’s garage. What is more troubling is the news that the heat is not working. It could be any number of things, all of which should be fairly easy to troubleshoot.

So, twenty-five grand for a domesticated military vehicle that has been well used and is in need of some TLC. Is this a reasonably priced modern classic or an over-priced project truck?


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