Truck Thursday: 1981 Volkswagen Has Room for All Your Things


It’s everyone’s favorite, the VW Caddy!

I was spending a few quiet moments on my laptop last night (stop it), when I came across a truck that needs no introduction. I say truck, but it’s really just a car with a big trunk. This Volkswagen Caddy is ready to steal your heart, and throw it in the back with the rest of your stuff for your next apartment move. Let’s take a closer look.

[Source: Seattle Craigslist]

VW caddy

This technically isn’t a Caddy; from what I understand, it’s officially a Rabbit Pickup, but on the other side of the pond, our European friends call it a Caddy. I think most people would let that distinction slide, though. Most people would recognize this as a Caddy, so that’s what I’m calling it.

From the ad:

1981 Volkswagen Diesel Pick Up – $4800 (Orcas Island )

1981 Volkswagen Pick Up/Caddy Diesel   I am the second owner of this wonderful pick up It has 67,400 original miles I bought it with 65k it did sit outside for 7 years so there is some rust in the bed one small hole and the cowl  has been “repaired” with fiberglass,  back in the late 80″s the rf fender was replaced and the hood poorly painted I have since replaced both the hood and the fender,  the truck needs a paint job but is complete.  I have replaced the entire brake system due to how long it sat as well as the water pump and heater core everything works and i have some extra pieces to go with truck,  if you know vws you know these are awesome and 69k miles is unheard of,   I need to reduce my number of cars $4800 obo  Email if interested


I’ve seen a few of these Caddies around here, and they’re usually in much worse shape than this one: either they’re slammed to the ground with a fart can hanging out the back, or they’re slowly decomposing under a layer of algae and rust, running or not! That this Caddy is complete, has very low miles, and a good interior is not only a pleasant surprise, but an indication that someone actually cared a little about this little trucklet. That’s always a good start for a craigslist car.


Just 67,000 original miles, or just over 2,000 miles a year. That’s pretty darn good. The fact that it’s a diesel means it’s just breaking in!


Over to you: what do you make of this early 80’s pickup? In today’s otherwise big & tall pickup segment, could this be the perfect pickup for someone like you? I know several people still soldiering on with their rusted out Toyota and Nissan pickups because they don’t want a full-size truck. Should VW bring the Caddy back to the US? Let us know in the comments.


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