Truck Facebook to the rescue

The Internet can be a crappy, crappy place. But for two members of a Denver-based lowered truck Facebook group, it became much better.

The owner of a white Silverado with a yellow hood posted that he was looking for a black or white hood. Another member posted his yellow Silverado with a white hood. Both trucks were rocking the HD variant.

The two met up and exchanged hoods. Now one is all-yellow and the other is all-white as they were when they left the factory. A perfect ending to a short story. It is the closest thing to a fairy tale ending that will come from the Denver Dropped Trucks Facebook group.

I haven’t traded parts for parts before. However, I have traded beer for used parts. I have also just given away parts that I had no plan of ever using. Generally, that results in me finding immediate use for those parts once I had given them away. Luckily, I hung on to the Land Cruiser’s third-row seats. Kid 4.0 was a bit of a surprise, but keeping those seats have allowed us to have two vehicles that our family of six can all fit into.

Have you traded parts for parts before? What was it?

Source: Jalopnik. All images via Twitter & Jalopnik.

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4 responses to “Truck Facebook to the rescue”

  1. 0A5599 Avatar

    A friend asked if I would temporarily swap wheels and tires to see about isolating a vibration problem. We did, but ended up swapping titles, too. Now I still have my original wheels, but his ride, and he has his rims on mine.

    1. Christopher Tracy Avatar
      Christopher Tracy

      That’s pretty good. What vehicles did you trade?

      1. 0A5599 Avatar

        Syclone for Typhoon so I could bring the family.

  2. Victor~~ Avatar

    Took the 327 flags off my 1965 Impala and installed my buddies 283 flags , surprised a few people and won a couple bets .

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